About Us!  

Khyber Oil & Fuel Trading Co. L.L.C.is privately owned diesel trading company with office in Ajman and Abu Dhabi. The company was founded in Ajman 1996, thus making it is one of the oldest and most experience operating in the oil industries. It is the first private diesel company to be established in Abu Dhabi.


Khyber is proud of its regional relationship which enables it to move oil almost anywhere in UAE. Although many factors contribute to the development of the company, the key to the firms’ growth and success remains the quality of products & enthusiasm of its employees who end ever, in the ever fast moving world of oil / diesel, to meet & satisfied the client requirements with rapidly , professionalism and dedication.




“In our field of business we do more focus on quality of the product, Khyber Oil is committed to exceed the needs and expectations of all its customer by providing good quality products. ”  
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Khyber Oil & Fuel Trading LLC
P.O.Box: 17976
Ajman, UAE

Tel: +971 6 7488369
Fax: +971 6 7488269
Email: sales@khyberoil.com